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Feel Good Food

We believe that the best tasting food comes from the healthiest, freshest ingredients. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and hand selected based on their quality. Our dishes are then handmade to preserve the quality, nutrition, and flavor of the natural ingredients.

We pride ourselves on providing fresh, healthy food that the whole family will love. After dining with us, you’ll not only be satisfied with a tasty meal, but you’ll feel great too!


The Dough

We believe the best pizza starts with best quality dough. Using simple ingredients, we create light, chewy dough with just enough crispiness in the crust. We hand-stretch all of our pizza dough, taking care ensure it is the perfect thickness to hold all of our fresh toppings.

We never rush the process, ensuring the dough has rested long enough to create the perfect blend of flavors and textures. With your first bite you will immediately taste the quality and flavor.



Our Sauce

Our pizza sauce starts with our chefs hand-selecting vine-ripened tomatoes from local farms. We then use a blend of traditional aromatic spices to create a perfect harmony of flavors. We then slow stew our sauce, letting it cook down naturally to the perfect thickness to complement the dough.

We know how important making the perfect sauce is, so we take great care to ensure the texture and taste is just right. The result is a sauce just like grandma used to make.


The Cheese

We source all of our traditional-style Italian cheeses like Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Romano from local, artisan cheese makers. We choose cheeses that have been minimally processed, handmade, and perfectly aged. We then taste test every batch to ensure that the cheese is perfectly salty, stretchy, and melty.

No matter what cheese you love to pile on your pizza, we’ll provide you with the highest quality selection. Our cheeses also taste great on our sandwiches and salads. Go ahead and order extra cheese!


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